Resurrection Fern

Hurricane/Rainy season according to the calendar isn't over yet.  
The season runs through November 30, 2018.
We haven't had much rain since Hurricane Michael.
Today I noticed the Resurrection Ferns which sit and grow on tree trunks are brown and look dead.
But their brown and deadness is the reason they are called Resurrection Ferns.

People Watching

Quite interesting to sit at Big Olaf for an hour or so this afternoon. No two persons alike.

At the Pinecraft Park

Two games were in session tonight.
These are from Pennsylvania, Indiana, local, Ohio.

Local, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Louis watching the games.

Battery Scooter, you can't sit but you can go places.

I think the squirrel remembered Uriah. He used to feed the squirrels quite a bit earlier this summer.

Melard Coach's First Run

Most of the 27 passengers came down today to prepare their Florida homes for the winter. The bus came arrived mid-afternoon and plans to leave again on Friday. This gives them enough time to clean their houses, eat & sleep and play Shuffleboard.

These two are shuffleboard players.

One scooter came along down. 

Sam Kauffman with a load of luggage.

Picnic at the Pinecraft Park

Sunday evening's picnic at the park. Daniel the little boy watching the squirrels from a distance. 

Two of the women visiting with Betty and Zoie.

These are both from Pennsylvania, from different communities.


A new twist for an old branch.

Are these edible? Purged from the Palm tree.  

Baby Tree Frog

The baby Tree Frogs make me shiver more than the adult frogs do. Baby Frog can hop on my dress and get a free ride into my house and I would never know it until it starts jumping around in the house, which happened one night years ago. 

That time I was going to ignore the tree frog when I discovered him in my bedroom. I woke up because I felt something plop on my pillow next to my face. I tried to catch it but I couldn't for it was too quick and jumped out of my reach. So then I decided okay and went back to sleep, only to have him jump on my pillow again. So I spent hours that night figuring out how to catch him, but I was never quick enough. Finally I remembered how to catch a Gecko by throwing a wet towel on it, then picking up the wet towel and giving it a shake outside. 

So I got my wet towel ready and the next time the tree frog came out of hiding I threw the towel on him and sure enough he was caught and taken outside. But I never, ever want to go through that ordeal again in the middle of the night. So I keep my distance from all tree frogs.


Newly weds and on their Honeymoon.

Jacob with the newly weds, 
while they wait on a taxi to take them to their rental. 

Monday Morning

Working on the Gingerich House on Schrock Street this morning. 

Pruning and purging "The Garden of Eden" on the corner of Kaufman and Schrock.  The Garden was a mess but it has some of its former beauty again.

"Let it Go"

Mahlon Annie with Martha Fisher, both are walking their dogs. Molly was running ahead so I didn't get a picture of her. This was taken in May 2009.

Annie with Molly, taken September 2009.

This past Friday and Saturday was a Yard Sale for her remaining stuff.

The sale in itself did well.

Tonight a bit of her things that didn't sell sit on the curbside ready for the garbage who comes tomorrow.

Seeing an estate sale is always sad. The deceased will never come back, they will never need their things again, ever. It is so final. So one local said, "Let it Go."  

2019 Pinecraft Calendar



In store price, at Yoder's Amish Village
Price per calendar is $17.00
    Plus tax of $1.19

The calendars are available in the restaurant, at the Gift Shop and in the Deli.

The Gift Shop will also mail calendars.
(within the states)
Contact: 941-366-3208
to place your order. 

The calendars are also available directly from the back of my bike,
providing I am out and about. 


The east door at the Tourist Mennonite Church is now wheelchair accessible.  

Work continues on the former Gid Stoltzfus house. 

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