Vacation Time

Tonight I met up with, I am not sure what her name is but she is the mother to Emma Mullet Alonzo who runs the Pinecraft Pizza shop. Well Emma ran the Pizza shop until shortly before the baby was born. Her sister Arlene is now in charge of the shop. This Mother is here to snuggle her grand daughter and see her brother Norman who was in the hospital.

 While I was down at the park two families from Lancaster County came walking in. They just arrived this evening and went exploring Pinecraft. Mom is putting up the daughter's hair bun. 
The Daddy with their children. They were visiting with Paul & Mary Slabaugh Miller and David & Martha Weaver, which gave me the opportunity to take a few photos.

Different Yet Same

 Tonight when I biked to the park I was amazed at the diversity of people, and yet just how different are we from one another? This group assembled at one end of the pavilion, Albert who is a local "Englisher" who was with this group of Amish men. Tonight he had more in common with this group than he had with all the women and their children that assembled at the opposite end of the pavilion.

Ola Yoder or Miller from Nappanee Indian is here for laser back surgery, done in Tampa. David Weaver is still healing from his knee and Reuben Yoder is local.  

 And then a group of four women and two men from Lancaster PA walked in. They are in Sarasota for doctoring and only spend the weekends in Pinecraft. 

 This is who was on the opposite end of the pavilion. Most if not all of these are liberal in their mindset. I visited with a few and they said they decided to spend the evening at the park because they are friends... They brought their own music and food. 

Some of their children wrestled in the sand, going after the one that is down. I didn't get the beginning of heir play. Maybe he was the instigator.  They played rough but that is a part of their culture, a part of who they are.

These two groups of people have their similarities and yet are vastly difference. Most of the deciding factor of who is who is given to us at birth by our parents. Later in life we make choices and we are responsible for the choices we make.

And the old crow is a crow because he was born a crow, and will always be a crow, eating peanuts the squirrels left behind.

Shuffleboard Tournament

 Last night which was Wednesday, there was a good turnout for the Shuffleboard Tournament.

 Not everyone played, some watched...

 or played Volleyball.

 Jim measuring which disk is closest to the white line. This is serious playing. I love to watch them as they carefully aim and shoot with intentions of making their moves count.

 Ed Detweiler, David Weaver and a biker watching from the sideline.

 The balancing act also plays a big part of the game.

 Homer Lambright makes a shot.

 Three of these four are local men.

 This side of the board they are all in their glory with the last rays of the sun on their heads.

 Henry Wagler turning on the lights. I never stay until they are finished as it gets too dark to get good pictures.

Today's Shots

 Distorted version of the backside of the post office. All I had to do was shoot at an angle to get this view.
 The Pioneer bus came in early today and the first person off was Jacob Miller, one of the drivers.

 Some of the passengers. This couple is Levi Schwartz and his wife. I think she was carrying a mop of sorts, which I take they are going to clean their house.

 I see this little house every day but usually just sort of pass over it. But not tonight for I really looked at it. It really has some colorful shades on it, and I imagine it has colorful stories if it could talk. 

I only know this man by his dog, but we are friends. Every now and then he gives his dog a good run.

Wednesday Nght's Shuffleboard

 Tonight was the Wednesday Night's Shuffleboard Tournament. It also rained about an inch just prior the game and then quit raining and sort of cleared up. I needed a bike ride so I took off for he park, not expecting any game. But a few of the men were drying off the court, by scraping off the water and debris and blowing the fan. 
 Four players showed up, just enough to get the game going.

Sarasota's Mountain

 On Thursday evening a few of us walked the Sarasota Mountain. I don't know what the mountain's official name is, but here is the mountain. Erma and I arrived a few minutes before Daniel & Lena Kropf arrived from the Myakka area. At least they live down that way. 

I looked at this measly mountain and sneered at it. It was a joke thinking this is a mountain. It reminded me of children trying to make a mountain in the sand box. And finishing it off with a few twigs stuck in a mound of sand. But long before we descended at sunset, I changed my mind about this being a joke and a measly mountain. 

This mountain is a work of art, with a vision for the future generation. 

 A few weeks ago Daniel and Lena asked if I want to see this mountain, sit on the top and watch the sun set over Sarasota? I wanted to see and experience this but I knew I can't do all the walking it requires, so I suggested a wagon ride. They immediately took up the suggestion and being Daniel is a landscaper, he has a few heavy duty garden wagons they use to haul pavers etc.

 And our journey up the mountain starts with Daniel being the Charioteer, while Erma and Lena bring up the rear.

 The reason for the mountain.

Looking west, where wild life thrives and bird lovers come from all over. Joggers and runners are on the many trails, huffing, puffing and sweating getting their exercise. And probably practicing for marathons. 

 The view down the east side is a horse farm with a helicopter to give rides.

 And the Big Cat Habitat sanctuary. Sometimes the cats roar at sunset but on Thursday they were quiet.

 Daniel, Lena, Erma
 watching the sunset. The air was cool and refreshing.

 Silhouette against the evening sky.

Daniel Kropf the Chariot driver. He is used to harder work than pulling me up the mountain or bringing me back down. Thank you Daniel, Lena & Erma for pleasant evening.

Tarpon Springs

 We ate authentic Greek food at Yianni's. I had the Greek Sampler as I wanted to taste as many different food as I possibly could. The top photo is Chicken Soup with Lemon.
The Greek Sampler is Mousaka, Pastitso, Dolmades. What I couldn't eat I brought home and am getting two more meals out of this serving.

 After taking the cruise to Anclote Island we returned to Yianni's for desert.
And still later in the day we took to the streets, browsing shops. We stopped in at Stefano's Gelato and I had my first taste of Gelato, white chocolate with raspberries. I am also wearing my new hat.
The cruise to Anclote Island took 90 minutes. Out in the open water we could make all the splashes and waves we wanted and nobody cared. But when we were close to the shore and dock, we had to cut the motor and not make any ripples. I guess this is how life is in general. 
After a 30 minute cruise ride we arrived on the island.
Kendra Cross and our cruise boat.
 We had only 30 minutes on this island before we headed back inland. The following are other people's treasures and finds. This first pic I am holding a sponge, a Horse Crab remains and a Star Fish.
 I don't know who's skeleton this is but it intrigued me.

 One man's sea shells. 

 A Light House built to take hurricanes.
 Relaxing on the boat. Watching the water world go by.
 An island made for the birds.
 More islands
 Brown Pelican
 Arriving back on solid land.


We stopped off at a bake shop where I asked permission if I may take this picture. The older lady's parents came from Greece when Tarpon Springs needed sponge divers. The younger is from NYC.

 Sponges strung up.
 A sponge diver. At first I thought he is a statue but Kendra assured me he is real. And to prove it he moved his head.
This is the boat he takes out to the place he dives for sponges. I think he is about the only Sponge diver in Tarpon Springs. 

I couldn't help but wonder what this man's life story is? All during our main course he sat like this and stared out the open window, deep in thought. Other than the hat I bought a few sponges to use. If I take proper care of them, they will last me ten years.


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