All in a Day... Play and Work

Yesterday I was told or rather whispered that there is going to be a Scrabble Game at Adin Yutzy's this afternoon. And so I biked over around 2 PM and was ushered in. I asked for a chair to stand on so I can get some pictures. And I kindly told the ladies to continue to play their game.

So it is her turn to spell a word and is deeply thinking...

Next is was Fannie's turn and she looks quite serious too...

Making a word

All three of the ladies. The fourth person was Fannie's brother Ora. I don't have a picture of him because I couldn't see him thinking.

Then I biked to the park and in under the pavilion. I know this bench looks like it is going to break under the weight of these two, when the truth is this bench has been bent for ages. 

Another group of Checker players.

A couple just doing nothing but this is a part of Pinecraft life.

And a group of men doing nothing except watching the "Corn Hole" game.

Two of the players doing the "Corn Hole game."

But not everybody is playing or doing nothing for Jonas Kauffman is painting his shed.

and Sam is sprinkling the grass.

An Evening at the Park

I almost didn't go out tonight at sunset but I am glad I did. The park had emptied out about 90% in population to early afternoon. This Bocce Ball game was in progress. I don't know who these Lancaster County people are but I recognize a few from previous years.

Watching the game.

These women are some of the few that play Bocce Ball. I wish more women would want to play. But more r less an unspoken thing is that at the park this is a man's game.

As a whole they acted like no camera was clicking at them, except for this woman.

One Indiana man, I think by the name of Marvin was the score keeper but I don't know who this man is.

Song Fest on Birky

Last evening there was a Song Fest on Birky Street at Dave & Ada Swartzentruber. Well it was a bit hard to decide on whose property the singing was. The musicians were on the driveway of Dave & Ada, but people were spread quite a ways around. Instead of all being crowded together in a too small space, people had the option of sitting and standing on Mel Erb's space or three driveways across the street. In other words there was plenty of elbow room for everyone, plus more to spare. This first picture is the group as a whole, getting organized. 

These next three shots are a closer view of the players.

One group sitting across the street.

This group of women are on Mel Erb's lot. They all look like Holmes County.

Singing and Making Melody in your Heart...

I guess if your camera gives you a lemon, make lemonade. I love the shot but it wasn't a good picture. I sort of like the shot now for it reminds me of coming out of an ancient history book. This is the front row audience.

Cathy Schwartz from Greenville SC, on the left and her friend that also helped play a few songs with the bells. The music was at the club House in Saralakes. Tonight there is going to be another evening of songs. 

One of Cathy's instruments...

Playing, to my ears or heart this instrumental music was the most beautiful.

This is a one string instrument made from a bean can, a stick and a string.

This one is also a one-string made from a bed-pan. Cathy sang a bed-pan song to go with the bed-pan.

A front shot.

Then after a break David Miller and Glen Mullet strummed for a while before Cathy joined them again.

The three.

Little Children of Pinecraft

Today I captured a number of children.

Helping to prepare a supper tonight at the Tourist Mennonite church for all the workers that helped at the Haiti Benefit Auction.

Grandma with grand-daughter

Leila on her bike

Kylie with her Daddy. They watched a Bald Eagle swoop down and catch a fish out of the Philippi Creek at the park.  

Random Shots of Today

Having a good laugh at the park.

I am sorry about the quality of this photo but I didn' see this old man on the right until after I was editing today's pictures. I think his profile is clearly that of an old man. 

Playing Corn Hole in the pavilion.

This man was helping his wife take down the dry laundry. I asked him if he has  always helps his wife with laundry and he said, "Yes, he has been doing this for 50 years." He said they have been married for 50 years.

Almost all of these people are waiting for a ride to the Haiti Benefit Auction. A mini van that serves as a shuttle drove into this parking lot a little distance from the people and stopped. I knew not all of these can get into the van, so I watched who is going. About 5-6 people stepped out of the crowd and got into the van. I am assuming they were there the longest and that is how the pecking order goes. If there is just one van going back and forth than the waiting would be about twenty minutes. Most times there are two or three vans going to and fro.

Saturday Singing at the Park

Last evening at 6 PM a singing was scheduled at the Pinecraft Park. The music makers were Mark Schlabach & family, and John & Lydia Schmid. Like normal I was there a bit early with the intentions of seeing what I can see...

Perry resting his weary legs while he waits on the music.

I don't remember or know this Amish man's name but I think in his young Rumspringa years he was a Johnny Cash fan. A few years ago when John Schmid asked the audience how many have seen Johnny Cash in person, this man slightly raised his hand. I just happened to be seated where I saw his fingers go up.  

This little Mennonite girl brought her own chair, set it up, sat down and listened. A few minutes later her Daddy moved the chair slightly so she wouldn't get in the way of the people still coming in.

This little boy, well we caught each others eyes.

He looks like he would want to be friends but instead a bit later he fell asleep.

Browsing the Cd's.

Three generations; Grandpa, Daddy & Son.

Just the backside... I stayed in the back of the pavilion so I could move around whenever...

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