Too Cold for October

The sun set tonight.
There are not many people out and about.
For it is exceptionally cold for October.
We have a north-west wind.
It makes for fresh air, and deep inhaling is good for the lungs.
Forecast is after tomorrow the daytime temperatures will be in the 80's. 

Hurricane Irma's Debris

This afternoon Irma's Debris was finally picked up and hauled away. These photos are from south of Bahia Vista. I don't know whether the north side got picked up or if that is still to come. also these men can't pick up the debris in the Pinecraft Park as that is the county's responsibility.

Keeping count of the fork loads.

These men get paid according to the amount of fork loads get picked up.

Pushing back the branches that want to escape the truck bed.

Picking up leaves raked together.

Watching him, I realized he must have had lots of practice in getting the loose debris up into the truck bed without loosing the leaves.  

Shuffleboard Tournament

Watching the game on the sideline and visiting.

Shuffleboard Tournament is serious business, at least if you are in the game.
Jim Miller

In the meantime a squirrel hid a peanut in this shirt. I don't know whose bike this is but at least he got a free roasted & salted peanut.

A Man and His Dog

For a number of years this man, which is Menno Plank's grandson, for those who know Menno from the 1940's. Ever since I l moved here to stay he would take this dog for runs throughout Pinecraft. The dog had free range chasing the squirrels on the streets. But in the last years I have seen the dog and his owner just a few times out for a walk. Tonight was such a time. I am sort of sad that the dog doesn't have the strength and energy to chase my squirrels at the park. All three of these squirrels were on their way to my peanuts. The dog longingly looked at them and probably remembered his former years of giving them a run for their lives. But the dog knew those days are over for him and he didn't even attempt to go after them. 

This reminds me of life in general, whether we are humans or animals. 


The invasive Air Potato plant has made itself at home on my landlord's chair. 

The Flicker pecking away.

Wind and Clouds

The clouds tonight, along with a strong wind and a few rain drops.  If I would be up north I would thing these are snow clouds, but you don't think such thoughts in central Florida.

Irma Lost Her Eye/Erma Gone to the Dogs

When Hurricane Irma was making her way up the coast, I had posted on Facebook that Irma has lost her eye a bit south of Sarasota. Marvin, second from the left read my post and wondered how could my neighbor lady Erma loose her eye south of Sarasota?   

My neighbor Erma didn't loose her eye, but she has gone to the dogs. 

Early Snowbird Season

This time of the year the first Snowbirds and the locals, 
get around as they please, or sit where ever they please. 
I am ready for more people,
more action.

After the Rain

These two shots were taken after the rain and yet before the rain totally stopped. It was a very welcome rain as yards were getting dry and brown.
 I found another one of these tonight. One tiny seed dropped between the cracks, sprouted and has one lone bloom. Tonight after the rain was the first time I saw it but it had to be in my neighbor's driveway before tonight. 

The sunset over the Pink House.

Friday Photography

 David, who lives in one of the apartments at the Laundromat is in charge of this flower bed. Every October he pulls out the old annuals and plants new ones. And every year he plants a different kind. David delights in keeping it beautiful.

                                                             Visiting at the park.

Winter Preparations

 Ready to redo the flower bed at the Laundromat. Now is the time to plant a bit more hardy flowers that prefer cooler weather.

 Snowbirds, Laura and Omar Beiler returned yesterday. Today they are cleaning up their flower beds.

The Coming of the Pioneer Bus

The Pioneer bus came in today, loaded with passengers. At least full enough to call it loaded. Noah Chupp and Lloyd Kauffman were the drivers.

Stepping off the bus one by one.

                               Ora Bontragers from Gladwin Michigan returned for more doctoring.

                       The returning of Snowbirds. Wayne and Sarah Ann Mast got a hearty welcome.

Lloyd Kauffman gets his photo taken. In the background are John & Mary Ellen Troyer. They are the kind of Snowbirds that come down for a week or so to clean their house, then return to the north until later in the season. 

Sunday Photography

 While I was in the pavilion these fine young men from the Ultimate Cadet Challenge came marching in along with their instructor.

 Glen visiting with John Miller.

 Later tonight while throwing out peanuts for the squirrels there came a loud shrill call from somewhere and every squirrel froze for the longest moments. 

Melard Coach Goes Home

 Monday evening about 8 PM the Melard Coach from Lancaster PA arrived in Pinecraft with about 20-25 passengers. Most of them came to clean their winter homes. One or two came to visit family.
Tonight at 7PM they were loaded again and headed back north. Next trip down will be the Christmas trip, leaving on December 22nd.

Waiting for the bus to pull into the Tourist Church's parking lot, where they will load. 

The usual last minute visiting and "Good-byes."

I can never remember this man's name, but I do know he is my landlord's brother-in-law.

The final Good-Bye.

Men at Work on Estrada Street

John is disabled and so he does what he can to keep busy and make a little bit of extra money. He collects tin cans and recycles them.

And a few houses down Albert is remodeling the former house of Levi Esh. Last winter it changed hands. I don't know who the new owner is. 

The Chicken's Bus Ride

The chicken's first bus ride. At least I think it is her first Pioneer Trails bus ride. 
Sam thinks the next animal to ride the bus will be a goat. 

Fall Decorations

October is here and so it is time to decorate Yoder's Amish Village. 

I never realized these hay bales need support. So the women got the tallest worker to handle that job. 

Melard Coach's First Seasonal Run

The Melard Coach from Lancaster PA came in tonight with about 20-25 passengers. I think this is about the third year they make a run down here in October as people want to clean up and repair their winter homes. 

An so Pinecraft is a bit more alive. 

Sunday Photos

Sunday's Preening

We do have a tree that is shedding its leaves, but in here in Pinecraft this is not good for the tree is dying.

Tonight's sunset was yellow. 

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