I Quit Blogger

I am no longer posting on Blogger: Pinecraft-Sarasota. I am having problems with it. Either I will find another platform or else see if I can get this fixed.

Zoie’s Fund Raiser

Zoie is going to have a Fund Raiser on February 19, 2019. Plans are to have a Benefit Dinner at the Pinecraft Park. I will let Mom write more details. Also I don’t know what Daddy is seeing, but my eyes are on Katie. 


The gathering of cousins. At least the two on the left are Mast Cousins. And these cousins are cousins to my brother-in-law.

Events in the Making

This is on Yoder Street. I don't know any more details.

The John Glick Family Sings

"For Sale"

For Sale at the entrance of The Pinecraft Park. 
On the corner of Fry and Gilbert.
This is the former Elmer Glick property.

Pioneer Bus Goes North

Getting the last bit of sunshine before getting on the bus to head back to Ohio.

Zoie with her Aunt and Uncle Freeman before they get on the Pioneer bus.

The last passengers to board the Pioneer bus this afternoon.

Cat Tails

The Cat Tails are spreading their seeds for another season of Cat Tails.

John M Troyer

John M Troyer, out and about with daughter Sharon. He gets his fresh air, his sunshine and good food.


Men at the Pinecraft Park

Men where the Pioneer Bus is loading

Men from Ohio, John Raber, Ed Yoder and Vernon Beachy

Man, boarding the shuttle bus on its way to the Haiti Benefit Auction.

Man to be

Open House for Robert Yoder

On Sunday, January 6th was Robert Yoder's 90th birthday. Robert is a Snowbird from the Sugarcreek Ohio area. The family celebrated his birthday a bit early before Robert came to Pinecraft. But then today we had another celebration at the Pinecraft Park for his Florida friends.   

Robert's son

I think this is Robert's daughter Esther on the right. Her laughter is contagious.

Robert with Christ and Betty Miller

Gertie and Carl McClure

Ammon's Ben on the left

Robert's son tying the balloon on the little boy.

These eyes speak volumes. 

The Art of Aging

Him - Christ Miller, Jr

Her - Betty
This couple has been coming down to their Florida home long before my first trip down here. Bit by bit they age, Christ more than his wife Betty. But life continues for both of them.

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