Let the Little children Come unto Me

 Today I captured an amazing amount of children, to think the streets are still very empty. But it might be the cooler evenings that brings them out.

 Jeremy & Barbara Schlabach  and daughter. Their two sons are busy playing, blowing off steam. In a few weeks they are moving back to Holmes County Ohio, after serving a year with Choice Books.

 Jacob, I met him earlier this past summer along with his sister. We have become friends.

 Adin and I each have our scooters. His parents spell Adin differently, although I can't remember how it is spelled. We haven't started racing on the streets yet.

I am posting this picture of Reuben Yoder and Atlee Raber as all little boys will become grown men if they live out their years.

Sunday/Monday Pictures

 Up North the evidence of someone hosting church services is row upon row of buggies. Here in Pinecraft the evidence is a huddle of bikes. I had no intentions of biking to find these bikes at the Amish Church yesterday as it was already 12:00. But obviously church was still in session because here are the bikes. 

 I love sitting here at the foot bridge . It was actually cool in the shade.

 At the Pinecraft Park. I am assuming he is used to playing alone as he is alone...

 I am best of friends with this little neighbor boy, whenever he is down here. 

The Musser men and their wives on an evening bike ride. Tonight for the first time this season, my house was warmer than the outside air when I returned home after my bike ride after dark.

The End of a Week

 This is Puppy Love,
The real stuff.

 Vera Overholt patiently waited for the light to change before she carefully walked across Bahia Vista Street.

 Just a faucet.

 Tonight shortly before dark Erma and I looked to the East and saw a complete rainbow over our street.

We looked to the West and at that end of the street we had a beautiful sunset. This was the perfect ending to a busy, fulfilling week.

Head Hanging Day

Today was a weepy, head hanging day. That was the body language of the flowers tonight. Everywhere I went they were hanging heads and weeping.

A Mop at Yoder's

I went out biking this afternoon and witnessed a mop at Yoder's. The surveillance camera kept an eye on the mops' activities and everything was under control.

And so I biked on and considered relaxing on this swing, but I would have been trespassing, so...

I biked home before the storm came thundering in on us.

People from Friday Evening

 She is married according to her wedding ring and she pulls weeds.

 Harvey and Emma Yoder's grandchildren eat ice cream.

I also wanted this girl's brother but he was jumping around too much. He was wearing a tie.

The Parable of the Gallardia

 Tonight I biked to the other side of Bahia Vista. I am not sure why I decided to bike there instead of my normal ride to the park. But I just had a strong urge to cross Bahia Vista and so I did. I ended up spending quite a bit of time at the backside of the Holderman church photographing flowers. The Galleria or Indian Blanket is my all time favorite from that row of flowers.

 After I sorted my photo shots tonight I thought of how flowers are like people. We are born individuals like this flower.

 Then we are small groups like a neighborhood. This summer there are four of us on our street. 

 And we are also a whole group made up of various ages, of different sizes both in the physical and also in the spiritual.

 We can also function together as a mixture of cultures.

 Each culture has it's own beauty, it's own strengths and weaknesses.

Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth... goes for humans and flowers. I brought a handful of seed heads home with intentions of seeding them in a big flowerpot.

The Pioneer Bus Comes and Goes

Yesterday The Pioneer Trails Bus came into Pinecraft. While we wait on the bus to come in we visit. Some like me just wait on the bus because there is nothing else we would rather do, for we are a "People Person".
The man on the left is waiting to pick up an item that is shipped down from Ohio  or Indiana. He has the label of "Dutch Essen Haus" on his shirt. Warren Nightengale the middle man is here for the visit. Bob, I assume is picking up someone.

 Two old corkers, a preacher and a bishop are glad to see each other again. They are both members of the Amish church down here in Pincraft.The reason I call them corkers is because this is the way they talk. It is a part of their language.

 He came off the bus. I have no name for him but most times I see him whenever there is a Music Fest on the North side of Bahia Vista during the winter months. I love the expressions on his face depending what music is being played. 

 Waiting for their ride to where ever they are staying.

 And today they loaded people and luggage for the return trip going north. For the lack of something better to do, the drivers sit and make faces.

 Wonder when they are going to eat the contents in this roaster? 

 Crist Petersheim is sending up a box of something. I never noticec Chris in the background until I edited the picture.

 Hugs and "Good Byes".


 The Fire Marshall is sending up a package.

 Daniel Fisher is returning to Indiana after spending a couple of months down here. I hope he returns here to stay as he actually is a Pinecraft fixture. He was the first editor of the "Pinecraft Pauper". 

 And someone decided to send up a tire. This is the time of the year when cargo gets send up or down for a small fee, for the simple reason there is extra room in the luggage compartment. I don't know how many people went up but by the looks each passenger could have about 3-4 seats all to himself.

Henry Detweiler bought some green ice cream to eat on the bus. His wife is staying here while Henry is gone for two weeks back up to Indiana.

Saturday Night

 Tonight just as I turned into the park, I saw some mad scrambling up ahead. One person jumped out of the next van that drove in and ran to this one, while others raised their arms up toward the sky. It didn't take  long to see what is up in the sky. Three birthday balloons escaped and took off in the brisk west wind, going east over Pinecraft. There was no point in going after the escaped balloons because they flew free, but instead they grabbed the reminding balloons. The occasion was a surprise Birthday Party for Tim and Sarah's oldest son. 

 After watching the balloons I saw this woman asleep on the picnic table. Just as I shot this picture two beautiful little girls ran up to this lady and called her Mama. She is by no means a homeless woman but probably tired after a week's work.
 Nancy Ebersole Good and I met up with Ken & Gail. Gail gave me this beautiful crocheted shawl that blended right in with what I am wearing today. It was sort of funny as an Amish preacher biked pass right after the picture taking and asked me if I am okay? I assured him that I am fine and I just got this brand new shawl. He asked me from whom and I pointed to them, Gail and Ken. He biked on without a comment. I can't blame people when they think I ought to be more careful whom I choose for friends. Ken has long hair, Gail said she is dressed a bit scanty. Nancy was in slacks and dangling ear rings. But I love people of all sorts. 

A backside picture of a husband and wife eating ice cream at Big Olaf.

Random Shots of Tonight

 I biked to the Laundromat and saw this man sitting outside his apartment. I didn't know if he was asleep or not. So I waited and watched for a few minutes. He didn't make a move and so I carefully got out my camera and shot a picture. Then he smiled. I waved and biked on. 

 Photography is in my blood and so tonight I declined an offer to go to the beach where I would have taken pictures, but tonight was the night to bike around Pinecraft and just see what I can see. I returned home with 30 pictures and so I chose the best miscellaneous shots.

 This one caught my eye, the chain link fence with the green vine mixed with the brown.

 A very old privacy fence with more green vines next to a very old house on Bahia Vista.

Yoder's Market girls with tables on their heads. 

 Tonight the sun had a hard time deciding where to set. First it thought to settle down between a double trunk tree...

 But then the sun decided maybe the south trunk would be better...

And then it also tried the north trunk. By then I left the park, so I don't know where the sun set.

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