John collects tin cans and recycles them. This keeps him busy and also provides a bit of spending money. Having something worthwhile to do when we age is a good thing. 


Changing an old door for a new one at the Tourist Mennonite Church. They are also going to take out the shrubbery and put in a wheelchair ramp. 

Alligator and Cats

These two people and their leader are professional alligator catchers. The leader is behind the tree out of sight. I don't know the whole story but the huge alligator who has been making its home in the Phillippi Creek north of Bahia Vista wanted to feast on Jean Bender's cats a few days ago. 

The cats were smart enough to get up on the roof of a vehicle, out of the alligator's reach. So these people were hired to catch or trap the alligator. Sunday evening he was still on the loose, hiding someplace and I haven't seen Jean today, so I don't have the latest on the alligator. 

Sailor Fights Temptation

Poor Sailor has been trained not to be himself. He has been trained to control his Dog Nature. He won't bark, nor make a sound, or jump off and go after the squirrel. 

Ben informed me that Sailor will not cave in to his dog nature. He watched closely every time a squirrel came for a peanut. He watched the squirrels fight their territorial rights and who should have the next peanut. 
I admire his trainer and I admire Sailor's willing to submit and just be a humble dog. But I also feel sorry for him that he can't just be a dog doing dog things like chasing squirrels. But then he is also a much beloved dog who admires his owners, those who have trained him. 

Our September Rains

We had a few quick hard rains this evening between 5-6 PM. I didn't realize how much it rained until I went for a bike ride.  

This one looks like an illusion.

The creek is high but not overflowing. 

No Rain

We had no rain today, although thunder went around the south of us this evening.

At the Pinecraft Park.

Sunshine and Shadows

It was so good to see the sun shining this morning. A Resurrection Fern has started to grow on the trunk, the grasses and a few wild flowers were here and there. Everything was green and fresh.  

Well Worn Shoes

This man is in desperate need for new shoes. He came walking into the park carrying one shoe and something that looked like a nail. A few minutes later he left the pavilion again wearing both shoes. But his shoes are so ragged and well worn that he has to drag his feet in order to keep his feet in his shoes. 

September Rains

These kind of clouds look cold and in Florida and tonight it is cold outside. 
I know it is 73 degree but this is at least 30 degree colder than what was the normal feel earlier this week. The wind is from the east/northeast and the humidity is 100% even though it isn't raining. 

Photos from Here and There

I bought a new Point and Shoot camera. This morning I tried it out. 
At the former post office. It doesn't look like anybody is posting notices anymore. 

The Pine Tree stump that was cut down yesterday. 

Lapp's Bike Shop is in business. Pinecraft is a bit more complete with Jake and Charity back.

The clothe pin bag weathers the summer heat and the rains year round.

Beauty in an old worn out bike.

Jake's Tree Cutting

Ken & Drew are helping Jake Helmuth with tree cutting and whatever goes with it.

Earlier this morning they got the tall Pine tree at the edge of the Pinecraft Park. This was the tree where the Bald Eagles and other raptors sat on the highest tip to watch for anything moving creatures to pounce upon for a meal.  

The Pine Tar oozing out of the freshly cut tree trunk.

Homes, North of Bahia Vista

On Kaufman Street, first house on the left after Miller's Trailer Court. Part of their lot is commercial  and before they can demolish and rebuild they have to get the commercial to residential. 

For Sale: On Kaufman, across from Mel Riegsecker.  
The contact information

Fixing to demolish the former Homer & Martha Gingerich place, now owned by Glen Graber.  According to the County Records it was built in 1952, which is about 66 years ago. 

On Birky Street, Yard is in need for a shave and a hair cut. 

Rain or No rain

I don't like it when I can't decide whether it is raining or not raining. But it was this way tonight. Soon after 6 PM we had strange looking clouds and a darkness hanging over us. I debated if I want to go for my bike ride or not? I got outside at least as far as my little porch and it sprinkled enough to make me decide not to ride. Went back inside and watched the clouds and counted the rain drops on the window, and then I saw the sun coming though and few clouds disappearing. 

I went for a bike ride to the park. I had the streets totally to myself. Some homeless were in the pavilion but I didn't stop in. The squirrels had already gone to bed. 

It was getting dark and the rain drops were bigger, so after taking a few pictures I turned and headed home at a fast pace with the fresh air cooling my face. It was a good satisfying bike ride. 

Air Plant

The guy that worked for and with Jake Helmuth came back into the park with this beautiful Air Plant. Before the cut tree was put through the chipper it got rescued. 

Our Summer

Our beautiful summer clouds.
Our thunder heads.
Our freshly mowed yards. 
Our green grass. 

A Place to Call Home

When I zoomed this hammock in, it is a flat bedsheet. After looking at for a while, I decided it is quite clever. The corners that dangle can be used as a light covering, could at least keep the misquotes at bay. Off to the right sits a very comfortable lawn chair.  From across the creek it reminds me of an Adirondack chair. It is the good life of a homeless person.  

Monday is Work Day

Wayne and Fran's part of Millers' Trailer court has been sold. The county records shows the northern part of Miller's Trailer Court was established in 1945. More sections were added in 1957, 1968, 1975 & 1985. I have no more information. 

This truck is the Mosquito Management Services.

At work in the Pinecraft Park along the water way.

Sunday Evening

His own invention. Quite the outfit.

From Ava Illinois
 husband, wife, sister, niece and baby.

The Pinecraft Park was very quiet tonight, at least while I was feeding the squirrels.  


Saying "Good-bye" to Daniel and his Mother. They are leaving for the Pennsylvania home on Monday. I will miss him and his parents.

Taxi Work

This afternoon the Pioneer Bus came in with some passengers and lots of luggage. This is the time of the year when more luggage than passengers ride the bus. The lady on the left has two separate parties to take to their destination. 

There were about 4-6 of these ladies on the bus that needed a ride. These ladies dress sort of like Allen County Indiana but live in Michigan. 

I think this family is from Crab Orchard Kentucky. They have with them four beautiful girls and one boy. And they needed a ride to their destination.

If you look closely, there is a nose on the left side of this photo and also on the right upper corner. I didn't try and get them in the frame but I like it. 

The Green Summer

Summertime is rainy season.

All grass greens up. 
Everything green, gets greener.

The former Dena Troyer home on Estrada is getting a face lift both inside and outside.

I biked down Seaview and found a few homes "For Sale". 

The middle sign is bearing its own burden of green.

This green plant is letting its roots grow deep. 


The couple on the bikes are the parents of the cute little boy that sometimes helps me feed the squirrels. Tonight I asked them who their guests are? Their answer took me totally by surprise, for the answer was "We found them at the Dollar Tree." So I asked how much they cost? Anyway the are from New Wilmington Pennsylvania and just arrived in Pinecraft today.   

The Hammock

Resting at the Pinecraft Park.