The Long and the Short

Pete Wagler and his cousin Joseph Wagler's son Glen. 
This makes them one and a half cousin. 

True Life

It amazes me how little children carry their own loads, of what they are capable according to their strength. They are carrying their blankets.

They each have their own backpack with more of their things. 
They have one hand free to stick into the adults hand 
for security, 
for comfort, 
for not getting lost. 
This is true life.

After the Rain

I don't know how many inches of rain we had, nor do I know how many hours it rained. But the rain did stop and I went outside to get fresh air and see for myself the effects of the rain. 

More people biked or hiked along the Phillippi River. Those that have never been in Pinecraft during the summer months had never seen this much water. These photos can't do justice too all the water going down the Phillippi Creek and into the bay. Not all of this water comes from the rain that fell in Pinecraft. The flood gates along the creek further upstream were opened up to get rid of their excess water. 

I love one or two storms like this each year. There is something about staying at home and watching the rains pour from the sky and the Palm trees bend and bow to the wind. And then when it has calmed down, go out to enjoy the fresh washed beauty.
After the waters recede this retention pond is a haven for long legged wader birds. They eat all the goodies such birds love. 

The Volleyball court has some water, too much eater to play Volleyball. 

The glow of the sunset in the fast flowing creek.

As I left the park I spotted this little bitty shine of the rainbow. 
Tomorrow is another day, suppose to be another day of more rain. That is according to the forecast. 

The Pinecraft Park

Nelson Beachy also painted the yellow posts instead of just the cement blocks. For pay he later went metal detecting here and there in the park. I hope he found enough coins for a good tip.  

The beauty of the Phillippi Creek after a rain.

New road blocks, or whatever you call these posts.

Visiting at the chain link fence surrounding the shuffleboards.


Digging up the old trees and selling them for a bargain and planting new trees with the help of Mervin Yoder. 

The Squirrel's Plea

"Please, may I have a peanut? I know it is not suppertime, but I would love to have a peanut."
I wouldn't answer the squirrel's plea, so she came down from hoe post and circled me a few times, all in vain. 

Christmas Lights

Tonight was spend at Bob & Kendra Cross' home. 
After a time of food and fellowship, we climbed into two vehicles and took a tour of I don't know where, to a neighborhood loaded and decorated with Christmas Lights. We went north on Honore Avenue until after the third round-about, then turned left. I got a few good photos as a sample of much more beauty. 

Spinning Tops

Henry Detweiler from Pinecraft makes and sells these Tops for $20.00 each. 

Grandma Iva

Treating Grandma Iva to ice cream at Big Olaf.
Iva is one of the sweetest old women in Pinecraft.

For Sale

This commercial property came on the market late yesterday or today. The front entrance is on Yoder Street and this backside is on Graber. The present owners are Fred and Lovina Hershberger. 

Realtor is Phil Graber at 941-320-5451


The three apartments between Yoder and Graber Streets. For years Marie Beachy lived in the middle apartment.  

The new owners are Lovina and Fred Hershberger. 

The Fence

The Fence is at the Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota. 
5851 Nathan Benderson Circle.

The Pinecraft pictures are on the backside of the fence that faces the parking lot.  

Dina Litovsky was in Pinecraft this past Snowbird Season, on assignment for The New Yorker. Later Dina submitted some of her photography to The Fence and was accepted.

This photo is at the Amish Church, where the Scat Bus stops to pick and drop off passengers going to and  from Siesta Beach. Menno Bontrager is in the background. I don't know who the girls are. 
A Volleyball game after dark.

At Big Olaf, where we meet for fellowship and ice cream.

Bike riding in front of the mural at the Pinecraft park. 

The Fence will be in Sarasota until January 31, 2019.

T'is the Season

Holiday Decorations at Yoder's Amish Village.

Courting Parrots
They feed each other and chatter while consuming their food. 
Wish I could understand Parrot Language.

Sam Troyer

Sam has been keeping the Shuffleboard in shape for a number of years.  


Sailor was wearing his winter coat today. I was cold enough to dig into his wool for warmth but he didn't appreciate it.

Park Pictures

The Cup in the tree trunk.

The beginning of the Checker game season.

This squirrel was so surprised when he saw me that he stared in open-face wonder. Then he told the other squirrels that I am at the park. But I quickly biked off as I didn't have any peanuts.

Chair Shadows

Thanksgiving Dinner

I went pass Lapp's Bike Shop and saw this beautiful, colorful bike sitting out front. I love bright cheerful colors. The bike's colors match every dress a woman wears. 

In the shop Jake asked me how my Thanksgiving was? When I told him I was sick and didn't have an appetite for food. But today I am doing fine, feeling good. Jake & Charity lost no time in giving me a Thanksgiving meal. I think they cleaned out their fridge and send the leftovers home with me. And they are going to start their diet today. I got the Roasht, a mixed salad of vegetables, Apple/Cranberry Salad, Pumpkin Pie without the crust and Cabbage slaw. Very good eating. 
Thank you Jake & Charity Lapp.

Pioneer Bus Arrives

While waiting for the Pioneer Bus to come in, this man limped up and asked for a ride. So Perry and Edna gave him a ride to his living quarters. 

The Pioneer Bus was a bit late coming in, so one snoozed in the truck bed and Leander checks his phone. 

And the bus arrived. I don't know if it was completely full but a lot of passengers got off.

And each one finds his living quarters. 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Charlotte and David at the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Elmer and Marjorie, good friends at the Thanksgiving Dinner.

I don't know who is doing the talking but Gertie and Carl are doing the listening. I love how intensive they listen.

For a number of years the Tourist Mennonite Church in Pinecraft cooks a Thanksgiving Dinner for locals. Their members invite whoever they want to. Tonight they had set the tables for about a hundred people. It was a good evening.  

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