Pioneer Bus Arrives

The Pioneer bus came in today. A few were coming home. Others are Snowbirds who want to spend two weeks here, while others want a two week vacation.   

Sunday Evening

It started to rain late afternoon and continues until after 7PM. After the rain quit I took my trash out and went to the Pinecraft Park with my peanuts. It was the quietest evening I remember ever having here. There was no vehicle or another bike on the streets. Nor was anyone at the park. I was totally alone until Jonas Miller biked into the park. For the longest time we sat in the silence of a peaceful hush while I fed the squirrels and one Flicker.
This photo was taken from the bike trail at the park.

Overlooking Kruppa

The sunset reflections in the puddle. 

Life in General

Last evening I took a closer look at this Palm Tree. It represents life, handed down to the next generation of growing, produces seeds and dying off. The two bottom layers are dead fronds and dead seed heads. The top two layers are alive and growing, producing a new generation on the same tree trunk. 

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Today I got out an older Point and Shoot camera. My newest camera is having personality problems and is so touchy, I can't even reason with him. So he will have to change his attitude or go for counseling. 

Tonight I decided to do some photo shooting and editing with the older camera. The feel of it is so comfortable and the buttons are not nearly as touchy. In fact the camera is not touchy at all. It has a good solid feel. Below are a few of the photos I took.

My Salt Lamp

My Southeast View

My Homemade Sandals

The Sunset from the Pinecraft Park

The Gathering Place

Johnny, making a beeline to help feed the squirrels.

This photo is sort of an accident, but I do like it. Daddy is looking back at his son in the bike basket while visiting with Albert.

An Evening at the Pinecraft Park

What we do in Pinecraft, asking who you are, the Waglers and Betty Troyer

Lester with Zoie. Zoie is extra cute in her sunglasses. 

Family Gathering

Today was a family gathering at the Pinecraft Park. Ken was in charge of it as far as planning it. He also invited a few of his close friends. 
This is Ken with Jean Bender. Ken walked her from her home to the park. The walking isn't that far but when we are pushing old age we appreciate a bit of help. 

I few of the guests. I was surprised how many people I knew, not knowing they family or married into the family.

My biggest surprise was seeing Faith. She married into this family.

Jean Bender

Modified Bike

Two years ago when Lydian was in Pinecraft there was no bike anywhere that fitted her need of transportation.  This time Joe Fisher fixed one of his bikes to fit Lydian. This is a motorized bike, so she doesn't need the pedals and has a platform fixed where she can rest her feet. She is good to go. 

Free Household Stuff

This is a quick notice. Sharon and Ammon are in the process of cleaning out their house, which was her former parents' home. 

Everything in it is free:
2 refrigerators that work
 table and chairs 
everything else in the house. 

They will be here at their house until Saturday noon, which is tomorrow.
The trash or worthless treasures go into the dumpster but everything else can be picked up for free.

3420 Schrock Street
in Pinecraft.

The Phillippi Creek Levee Trail

Last evening I biked along this trail for a while.

The creek is on my right behind this fence. I told myself that I am safe from alligators on this side of the fence, but I never feel completely safe as the gate is open, plus there are some good sized openings under the fence, although not big enough for adult alligators.

I love these Palm Trees and Spanish Moss.

These flowering vines are on the Gerhardt Street. 

The Pioneer Bus Arrives

Sam Hostetler is the first one off the bus and he meets up with John Raber. Both of these help with loading and unloading the buses and keeping them clean, John in the wintertime and Sam year round.

I think about seven of the passengers were from the Hopkinsville Kentucky area. They came down for doctoring. 

Looks like a grandson meeting his grandparents. Happy reunion.

Mary Garber came back to Pinecraft. She was a year round resident for years and years. But not so anymore although she spends time down here. I think in her heart belongs here. 

Lester & Betty Troyer, with Zoie Michelle

This is their story.
Lester and Betty are just two ordinary people from Pennsylvania. Lester is a roofer and Betty kept The Antique business running. Their favorite hobby was traveling throughout the Midwest and some western states in search for antiques. They were married for 19 years and no children, so travel was easy to do. Three weeks after spending a month in Texas in pursuit of antiques, they found out they were seven weeks pregnant! This was in the Spring of 2017.   

It was a Miracle Pregnancy! A twenty week ultra sound told them exactly what they were praying for; all was well and it's a girl! They decided to keep this a secret for just a little while. As time went on their secret became a fun thing so they decided to keep it to themselves. So Betty started wearing a light jacket 24-7, and finally her friends wondered if she is having thyroid issues since she always seemed so cold and was gaining weight. This turned out to be the biggest joke of all between them and their friends. Finally at 32 weeks of pregnancy some friends were starting to catch on she might be pregnant. 

A week later on November 30, Betty at 33 weeks went into pre-term labor. The hospital stopped the labor and upon further testing they found out what every parents dreads, the baby was diagnosed with Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This is a hole in her diaphragm which caused all her stomach organs to move into her chest. A series of tests in the Pittsburg hospital showed she only had 18% lung volume and unfortunately that is not enough to live on. Upon advised by the doctors, Betty was discharged after two weeks in the hospital and then went to stay in Family House so she could be close to the hospital. 

At 36 weeks pregnant and getting tired of hearing "Your baby will die," Betty went on a Google search and found Doctor David Kays in St. Petersburg Florida, who was saving CDH babies. They called and left a message with a very kind lady by the name of Joy. Thirty minutes later Dr. Kays called them personally and talked to them for an hour and both Lester and Betty were blown away as this doctor knew what he was doing and gave them so much hope.  But later that day when The Financial Department of Johns Hopkins all Children's Hospital refused to accept their Amish Insurance, they had to look elsewhere for a doctor. 

Betty did some more Google search and found Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) advertising the best CDH program. On December 22nd, Lester and Betty made the six hour drive to 
Philadelphia, met with the doctors only to find out their baby had a 10% chance of survival. They went back to their hotel room feeling defeated. The following day, December 23rd labor pains started on and off and no one was willing to stop them a second time. On December 24th they woke up with a renewed determination to get to Florida.

An old friend whom they hadn't talked with in a while called to wish them "A Merry Christmas" and was appalled at their story. But an hour later after hanging up, their phone was ringing off the hook with people offering to help. At 2:PM on Christmas Eve the Financial Department called, saying they were willing to help in asking if it was possible for them to get a private insurance like Blue Cross?  On Christmas Day at 3:PM, they got a call to say they are accepted due to the private insurance  and the financial department would have a meeting with them on their special case. Being accepted was a special Christmas gift from Jesus. 

On December 26th, being 37 weeks pregnant they left that dreaded hotel room and headed toward Florida, with Hope deep in their hearts, driving eighteen hours straight through. On December 28th they had a three hour consult with Dr. Kays, who gave them a 90% chance of survival, plus there was no need to redo tests.  

On January 9 2018 Zoie Michelle was born and was on a ventilator within minutes. 
At 15 hours old she was on a form of life support called ECMO. 
At 34 hours old, she had her major four hour repair surgery.
She struggled to live but had a compassionate doctor whom the nurses texted 24 hours on her progress. He was never far away and very much "hands on".
At 11 days old she was off ECMO.
At 22 days old she was off the ventilator and on C-PAP Oxygen.
At six weeks old, she had another major Fundo Nissan Surgery for Acid Reflux because of a deformed Esophagus.
Discharged at three months old.

Zoie was born with 18% total lung volume, small side left heart, 97% of her left diaphragm was missing, which is now replaced with a GORE-TEX patch.
Zoie is now six months old and is doing very well. Without a doubt Zoie would not be alive today without the God given skills of Dr. Kays. He is saving the most severe cases of CDH with the lowest lung volume. He is by far the best and most compassionate and caring doctor and he saved a severe case with Zoie. He is known to do just that. He doesn't just repair these babies but gives them quality life by protecting the lungs and brains while on ECMO and the ventilator. Not many doctors can offer what Dr. Kays does. 

Lester and Betty had to do their own searching for Dr. Kays. They personally know of other parents whose CDH babies died because they thought there was no other options, not knowing about Dr. Kays because no doctor or hospital would tell the parents there is hope for their baby in St Petersburg Florida with  Dr. Kays' care. 
Dr. Kays with Zoie

Zoie tonight at the Pinecraft Park, very much alert watching the squirrels.

Vera Overholt

The Overholt Home on Bahia Vista Street.
Vera Overholt, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, author, publisher, song writer, Budget scribe, long time resident of Pinecraft and owner of the Pinecraft Christian Bookstore (and for many years, Overholt's Fruit Market) 
died Monday, July 9, 2018, at age 86, following months of bravely battling flu and bronchitis which left her lungs and kidneys weakened, leading to congestive heart failure complications.

Visitation will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm at Sunnyside Mennonite Church 1001 Honore Avenue in Sarasota. 
A memorial service will be held on Sunday, July 15, at 10:00 am, also at Sunnyside, with burial following in church cemetery. 

All are welcome to attend the Home-Going Celebration!

Further questions: 941-365-1336

(I copied this from the bulletin board posters.)

Pinecraft Park

This cloud formation reminds me of a geyser. 

This picnic table waits in the weeds for Snow Birds to return. 

Ada Troyer

This evening John Troyer's wife Ada passed away, due to a lingering illness. 
John & Ada were Snowbirds for probably most of their adult life. I know John was down here as a single man and Ada's Dad was an Amish preacher in Pinecraft, so that goes back 50+ years ago.

Twice Ada had won at the Everence Pie Contest, 
2013 & 2014. 

Congratulating Ada for her pie. 

2014 Ada was also a winner in the Pie Contest.


This house was built in 1952, sixty-five years ago.
Three little windows in the attic.
Three little awnings.
Three sets of hinges. 
I love it!  

Omar Eicher

Omar Eicher, on the left passed yesterday morning due to complications of pneumonia. His funeral is on Sunday morning at Powasson Ontario. 
Omar and his wife Ida had been spending the winter months in Pinecraft for maybe 4-5 years. Omar will be missed in Pinecraft this coming winter.


Fourth of July, 1775-2018

I was out biking after dark tonight. 
When I saw this I did a quick U-turn and got this photo. 
At Yoder's Gift Shop. 

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