Yoder's Pie Day

 One of the Pilgrims that helped make the day a success.


 The man on the right is from Tampa. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas he buys 150 pies for people in his area. 

  Forty years ago Yoder's pie order for Thanksgiving totaled fifty. Today 40 years later it is at 7000.  

Repairing the Bridge

 The Bridge needed repairs.

 These three men took the lead.

 And soon more men dug in and the work continued.

 You would think Larry had the easiest job but he had to watch for sign language that was used throughout the day.

Larry had to watch for every man's finger. I am not sure what finger up meant the men did. 

 Most of the working men were from Arthur Illinois except Mel Schlabach is from Kokomo Indiana.

Women watched the process and visited.

We were served a Pizza lunch at Chet and Anna Mary's place. 

 This morning the bridge was opened again and I had the privilege to be the first person to ride over the bridge. 

 Larry Yoder follows. 

Watching and following every movement of repairing the bridge with my camera made me realize how much I appreciate my heritage, my culture. Every culture has its strength and its weakness. We have no say-so of which culture we will be born in. I am speaking for myself, as a child the Amish culture was just a part of my life. Later I felt trapped in it but thankfully I could leave and I did without being cut off from my people. Then this past Saturday while watching the activities of repairing the bridge I realized what a rich heritage I have. I treasure it, for it will always be a part of me. Just a thought, maybe more bridges should be repaired.    

New Wheels

Last winter this bike or whatever it is called made its appearance in Pinecraft. The inventor is a Schlabach from Arthur Illinois. (I don't know which version of Schlabach he uses but this is the Holmes County version.) Anyway this bike from last winter...

gave birth to this mode of transportation for Ivan Miller. It still needs a canopy.  

I love how Pinecraft is the melting pot for The Plain People both Amish and Mennonite. Not only do people freely mingle, it is also the place where thoughts, ideas and inventions are shared. And the end result is this mode of transportation for Ivan during their stay in Pinecraft.  

2016 Calendar Pinecraft Florida

The theme for this coming year's calendar is activities and things we do during the winter months. This is the most frequent question asked at Yoder's Gift Shop and so I decided to use this theme. 

The cover is the Scat bus loading from the Amish church and going straight to Siesta Beach. It runs on the hour, starting at 9 am. At least I think it starts at 9.

January is the annual Pie Contest at the Everence Open House.
February is loading buses to go head up north. Vacation is over and time to get back to work.
March is a Benefit Supper at the Park
April, the Shuffleboard
May, playing basketball
 June, Ice cream at Big Olaf. 
July is volleyball
August, four women enjoying a marble game
September is fishing with a net and taking a long look into the bucket.
October is Bocce Ball .
November is a hymn singing on a Sunday afternoon.
December is watching the Christmas Parade.

These calendars are available at Der Dutchman's and Yoder's Gift Shop in Pinecraft. Yoder's sells them for $15.98 and I am not sure what Der Dutchman's have per calendar. 

I also have them on the back of my bike for $15.00 each. 
I also mail calendars for $17.75 each 
or 2 calendars for $33.00. This price includes postage.

If you can't pick them up in Pinecraft, then send payment by check or mail order to:
Katie Troyer
3422 Schrock St
Sarasota FL 34239.  


Looking from the outside into the bus through a dark glass. They came and went two by two, not into the Ark. But some went into the Pioneer bus to go north.

Anne Erb and  German Baptist woman.

Les Detweiler and Menno Bontrager

John Miller and Eugene Miller

Wife and husband




Husband and wife,
John & Amanda.

The Sugarcreek Budget in Pinecraft

 Starting in November through April the Pioneer Trails Bus brings down The Budget for the people who keep up with the weekly news in the Plain Communities. The Budget has been in circulation well over a hundred years. 

Sam Troyer from Dover Delaware is in charge of The Budget upon arrival. He sets up a table and sets down a plastic gallon jug. Before the bus arrives most of the people come and drop in their $1.00 bill and then once The Budgets hit the table, the people who had dropped in their dollar pick up their paper and move on, making room other people to get their Budget. 

 Sam with the amount of Budgets he ordered. 

Paul Wagler picks up a bundle of Budgets for Yoder's Amish Village. If you miss picking up The Budget here, Sam has the rest at is home on a table in the front porch. And they are available at Yoder's and I think at Der Dutchman's too. 

Progress in Pinecraft

 This is one of the new houses in Pinecraft on Clarinda Street. For the longest time I wondered how these rocks will be put to use. Last week I biked pass here and they are put to use, good use. 

 It looks like Pinecraft is having more than one Garden of Eden. We probably have about half a dozen beautiful gardens or landscape. Pinecraft has gotten a face-lift the last few years.

 Nathan Overholt did the landscaping and Randall Shrock is the building contractor.

And on Hines Street we have solar panels. Naturally the Sunshine State is a good place for these panels.

Whatever You Eat or Drink

I don't know if this is a meat smoker or a barbecue grill but the sign on the side of the thing was put there for a good reason, don't overeat. 

Tim Miller was hauling this through Pinecraft to the park. But then he went to play shuffleboard instead of giving us a meal.

Journey Tours

 Journey Tours is owned and operated by Nealie & Malinda Miller out of Daviess County Indiana. Today was their first time to Sarasota Florida. For booking and reservations call 812-698-9686. 
 Nealie Miller

 The first passengers off the bus.

 And more passengers. Maybe it is southern hospitality but all or most of the male passengers shook Nealie's hand before parting.

Most likely more Daviess County people will be in Florida this winter being they finally have a bus run directly from their community. 

Volleyball Court

 This morning when I biked to the park, I saw these two piles of sand which reminded me of Pyramids in Egypt. 

 After waiting around a bit the front loader came and started spreading the sand.

And tonight when I returned to the park this is what I saw. The volleyball court is ready for anther season.

Casey Key

 Sometime after 4 pm I got a text message asking if I want to go for a convertible ride? Without hesitation I said, "Yes" and less than half an hour Lena Schlabach and their daughters picked me up and we were on our way. Here are a few of the pictures I took. 

 They fixed the back seat for me to sit up high, which fitted me perfectly to get some shots. Felicia gets shot through the mirror. 

The last of the setting sun. 

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