Senoir Supper at the Park

Last night I was invited to join a senior group for a picnic at the park. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Lester & Sara Hostetler

Elmer Beachy and his wife

Boys will always be boys. It doesn't matter how old they are.

Time for a hand shake with the ladies. Well, most people shake hands with each other and I keep forgetting it. I never was a hand shaker.

Rising to pray the blessing before eating the meal.

Listening carefully to Lester tell some sort of story.

And the group picture
Seated are Anna & Laura Yoder. I think they are sisters and had both married Yoders and are both widow ladies. On the far left is Erma LaRaviere, Lester & Sara Hostetler, Wilmer Miller & wife, Samuel Bender & wife, Sam & Martha Hostetler & Elmer Beachy & wife. (If I don't know the wife's name then I just wrote "wife". Sometimes I remember their names and other times I don't.

If I can't remember names it is not due to old age. If you live in Pinecraft for more than two years, you forget names, but remember faces. It blows a person's mind to remember 1000 names a day during the winter months. 


  1. Lester and Sarah Ann Hostetler are the first couple. It's kind of funny seeing a senior portrait of Sunnyside.

  2. Thank you. I corrected the name. I don't know when I will ever call them Byler, I mean Hostetler.



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