The Coming of the Pioneer Trails

The Pioneer Trails bus came in today bringing people from Ohio and Indiana and maybe elsewhere too, en route to Florida. John Beachy from Ohio is shaking his crutch at me as soon as he gets off the bus.

Another passenger was Mary Ellen Mullet. I doubt she is down here to stay since her husband isn't along but anyway she is here.

I forgot what this man's name is but she is Maria from Allen County Indiana. Here she is having a few words with her husband...

turns from him and follows another man, Crist Petersheim to be exact. Less I start a rumor things are not the way they look, Crist is taking their luggage to the apartment and Maria & her husband crawl into another vehicle.


  1. And now the snow bird arrival has begun, and the lines will be just a little longer on Yoder's restaurant. But i always thought the wait was worth it because i loved going there. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. I hope that was a friendly shake from John Beachy... he doesn't look upset, so that's my guess.


  3. Saloma, He comes down about every two weeks to get a treatment and so I think we started playing a game. He tried to get off the bus and be gone before I take his picture. And when he gets back on the bus following day he tries to arrive and be on the bus before I get there. But it is all in fun...


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