Farewell to Pinecraft

 Time to say "Good-bye".

 The Elite from Lancaster is making it's last run up north for this season. They were loading right behind the Tourist Mennonite Church this morning.

 While the CrossRoads from Indiana was loading in the backside of the parking lot. They left with a loaded bus with many of my Indiana friends that I learned to know over the last couple of years.

 This little girl came down with her Mom and had an enjoyable time but she was more than ready this morning to get on the bus and head home to her Daddy.

  Ervin Mullet and Katie Graber said their good-byes. 

 Then this afternoon the Pioneer Trails also left packed to the brim.

 I just had to capture this little straw hat.

 And it is time for a stretch...
It took all the pushing these men had to get everything into the luggage compartments. People are leaving by the droves but I guess they came down here in droves too. If it wouldn't be for Spring Break in northern Indiana Pinecraft would be almost deserted, but the CrossRoads is going to make another run down here, picking up parents and children after work on Friday and arriving here on Saturday. So next week will be a week of children...  and I am glad for people are leaving almost too fast.


  1. Great pictures Katie and id say some of those plain folks will be heading my way to the Lancaster area. Richard

  2. I am so, so happy Eric left a link on his blog to come look at your pictures. They are beautiful and truly capture a piece of life in Pinecraft. Thanks so much:)

  3. Great pictures. That is a good picture of my Grandma, Katie Graber. Will definitely be checking out this spot for more pictures of my family.


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