The Bus Came In

The July 4th week brings people into Pinecraft. The bus came in today a bit late but nevertheless in came in. Next Friday the bus returns north again. With a schedule like this a few Snowbirds came in for vacation, or work on their homes. One thing certain they will get soaked in sweat. The heat will loosen all their stiff joints.
 The bus was late due to a blowout and traffic jams.
 Abe Johnny's Paul's David is meeting his wife who is on the bus. John Slabaugh & wife are just seeing who is on the bus.
 I think this little guy is Malachi from Cindi's Diner in Ohio. Last winter we were friends, but here is acts like he is trying to remember who I am.
Indiana people, John & his wife came down a few weeks ago, Vera lives here and Louie & Sara are here for a week or whenever they decide to return home.

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