The Pinecraft Park

 I took a bike ride in the heat of the day to the park. I just wanted a good bike ride and I don't mind doing some sweating. I guess it opens up my pores. So I biked along the Phillippi  Creek.
 The north end of the park is more or less left to itself. This part is well kept where the squirrels look at me like I am a foreign object. They don't dare get close, not even when I offer them peanuts.
 Some branches are loaded with Spanish Moss.


  1. The moss on the trees brings back memories of my sister. We were in pine craft on yearly vacation. Late one evening there was a knock on
    our door. I opened it an there stood someone with moss as long hair! I said could only be one person willing to risk the spiders or whatever lived in the moss! She passed away this last may of cancer. She is greatly missed! Thanks for the memories!


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