Animal Kingdom (or whatever)

 Tonight this squirrel had her tail gracefully curled up.

 One came flying in and one had to leave.

 The Great Blue Heron and his shadow.

 The dog was being claimed by a new owner, so it came down from Ohio to Florida.

 I kept my distance, but also if I leave them alone, they leave me alone. 

This lizard watched me take photos of the wasps.


  1. These are good shots. The wasps look great. We have a lot of lizards(anoles) this year in our yard. More than usual. Thank you for all the photos of the Amish community. I'm very interested in them, and in Pinecraft.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures! We visited Sarasota & the Pinecraft area, a number of years ago. The beautiful Gulf coast, with it's soft white sand, a quilt sale at one of the Menno churches, and eating at Yoder's! Would loved to have gotten the recipe for homemade Coconut Cream pie! Would love to spend more time there!
    Thank you, Katie for sharing! Blessings to U....


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