Bus Day

Tuesday is the day when  five or more buses come rolling into Pinecraft during the winter months. There are exceptions like over the holidays.

So today, early this morning the CrossRoads bus from northern Indiana came in. I never see them coming as it is like six o'clock in the morning and I have no intentions of getting out of bed that early.

A few hours later the Elite from Lancaster County normally arrives and on the heals of Elite Journey Tours from Arthur IL and Daviess County Indiana comes in. 

Then between 12-1:00 pm the Pioneer Trails come in with 2-3 buses. They have passengers from Ohio and Indiana. Sometimes they pick up in Kentucky or anywhere close to I-75.

 Yesterday the Melard bus from Lancaster County was scheduled to load up and go north, but they decided to wait until today because of the snow storm in Pennsylvania. 

 They loaded and left just shortly before the Pioneer buses came in to unload. 

Rolling luggage across Bahia Vista and getting settled in for vacation. 


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