Amish Church Food

Tonight we were with my sister Dena for the evening. Their daughter had church services today and so Dena came home with Church bread. Church bread is homemade bread made especially for church services. 
Their peanut butter is different and tastes much better than it did 30 years ago. Nowadays they mix Rich's Whipped Topping and pancake syrup into the peanut butter.  

I spread a layer of peanut butter, a piece of cheese, a slice of ham and six Bread & Butter pickles on my church bread. It was a delicious sandwich that was finished off with a cup of coffee. 


  1. Oh, I can taste the peanut butter already! Never thought of pancake syrup, I thought they used light corn syrup. I'll bet that was a real treat for you. You don't get that very often in Sarasota (Pinecraft).


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