Pinecraft After Irma

Here are some of the photos I took last evening as I biked around. I am not aware that Pinecraft lost its power. Plus no major damage. I did notice this morning that three mailboxes got hit on Graber Ave between Bahia Vista and Fry. The one sitting in a bucket of cement rolled over without damage. Carl & Gertie McClure got broken off and also one in that neighborhood is down on the ground. 

This is the canal or whatever it is called on the east side of Beneve. After going through a tunnel under Beneve is enters Pinecraft and flows on the backside of my house and flows onward west into the Phillippi Creek. Anyway here it has lots of water flowing into it. By the time it gets behind my house it has been reduced in size and flow.  

This is at the foot bridge going from Schroock to Hines.

Levi Schwartz' place on the corner of Hines and Schrock.

Sam Kauffman's roof on Bimini, behind Katie Beiler. Chip is taking care of the roof.
On Hacienda Street

The Overholt home on the corner of Kaufman and Bahia Vista. Only the tarp got whipped.

The west side of this sign got a beating up and is dangling.

A good way to clear off the bulletin board at the former post office.

The Phillippi Creek at the boat dock. 

Water where the Bocce Ball games are played.

The sunset was beautiful.

The Oak tree at the retention pond. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Aunt Katie. Glad you're safe and sound.



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