The Sugarcreek Budget comes to Pinecraft

The Budget is an Amish/Mennonite newspaper, printed weekly in Sugarcreek Ohio. Starting the first of November and going through the month of April the Pioneer Trails bus brings down a supply of The Budget, fresh off the press. 

Sam Troyer takes care of The Budget from the time the bus arrives until it is in the customer's hands. Then he takes the rest of The Budgets and people can also pick them up there.

He brings his own table every week and sets it up.

Next he places the money container on the table. Dollar bills goes into the can and the quarters are placed into the small container, as the price per Budget is $1.25.

And he needs a place to dispose garbage, so he fastens a plastic bag to the table.

People can pay before the bus arrives and then whenever the Budgets hit the table, they reach in and pick up their Budget.

Today he had ordered 60 Budgets. Each week he orders a bit more as more people arrive in Pinecraft to stay. Sam handles about 3000 Budgets per season, from November through April. 

Paul Wagler picks up the amount of Budgets Yoder's Amish Village wants. I also saw Der Dutchman's vehicle so I assume they had their supple of Budgets picked up too.

Anna and Johnny

Picnic at the Pinecraft Park and helping me feed the squirrels.