Going Home after the Holidays

Christmas Vacation has ended and it is time to get back on the job and children return to school, so
almost 700 passengers left today on 14 buses.  Six of these buses were from CrossRoad, which is in northern Indiana. Out of the eight Pioneer buses that left only a handful of people were from Ohio and the rest are all Indiana.

This is Pinecraft' normal Christmas Vacation. I think most of Indiana' people are factory workers and get a two week vacation over the Christmas holidays and school closes. So they as families take off for Sarasota, whereas Ohio has much more small family shops and don't have a two week vacation at Christmas time. 

Five CrossRoad buses left at 11 am and the sixth one loaded and left at 4 pm.

Waving "Good Bye".

These last two pictures are six Pioneer buses loading at the Tourist Church's parking lot. Two more Pioneer buses loaded at the Pinecraft Park's entrance. The passengers were all going to Topeka, which made it easier to load up and head out. 

So the remaining Pinecraft people have most of a week to relax and lay low, that is until the end of next week.  The Haiti Benefit Auction will then bring bus loads of older people from various Plain communities. The auction is scheduled to start Friday afternoon, January 12th  and run through Saturday, January 13th. 

Two Peas in aPod

Ben Lapp and Al Miller.