Saturday Photos

Out by the street, which means free for the taking. I carefully opened the lid, thinking it might be full of gold it was empty. This sits on the former Amos Zook place on Good Street. I don't know who the present owner is.

I watched him eat his breakfast. I didn't know what he caught until I saw tiny fluffy feathers floating around. He must hunt every day for his food. 

Two of these hawks were going after the Purple Martins tonight. The Purple Martins got them chased off, but just previous of these two hawks coming around, a crow took off with a young Purple Martin. 

This Great Blue Heron fluffing his feathers. There is obviously a nest across the creek as I have seen one parent stand guard at the same place day by day. 

It is a busy life for these birds. After hatching their babies, they have to feed them, train them, keep protect and watch over them. 

Golden edge 

"For Rent" on Good Street. 


The gathering of cousins. At least the two on the left are Mast Cousins. And these cousins are cousins to my brother-in-law.