After the Rain

I don't know how many inches of rain we had, nor do I know how many hours it rained. But the rain did stop and I went outside to get fresh air and see for myself the effects of the rain. 

More people biked or hiked along the Phillippi River. Those that have never been in Pinecraft during the summer months had never seen this much water. These photos can't do justice too all the water going down the Phillippi Creek and into the bay. Not all of this water comes from the rain that fell in Pinecraft. The flood gates along the creek further upstream were opened up to get rid of their excess water. 

I love one or two storms like this each year. There is something about staying at home and watching the rains pour from the sky and the Palm trees bend and bow to the wind. And then when it has calmed down, go out to enjoy the fresh washed beauty.
After the waters recede this retention pond is a haven for long legged wader birds. They eat all the goodies such birds love. 

The Volleyball court has some water, too much eater to play Volleyball. 

The glow of the sunset in the fast flowing creek.

As I left the park I spotted this little bitty shine of the rainbow. 
Tomorrow is another day, suppose to be another day of more rain. That is according to the forecast. 

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