Shuffling Tonight

Mother and daughter

These two are Kauffman brothers. Their Dad was Ben Kauffman. Ben had a brother Sam, Sam had a son Roman Kauffman, and Roman married my cousin Mary Troyer Kauffman. So I am posting these especially for the Roman Kauffman family. The one on the right reminded me of a Kaufmman long before I knew he was a Kauffman. He basically reminded me of his Uncle Sam. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Both brothers are left handed, at least when it comes to shuffling.
This is the other end of the court; Elam Zook, LeAnna Miller. The Belleville PA guy, which is a brother to the Mother in the first picture. The lady shuffling is Lovina, John Kauffman's wife and the other lady is the other Kauffman's wife.

The other Kauffman's wife. She looks like a happy, down to earth barefooted woman.


  1. I would be barefooted too! Not much for shoes and never have been.

  2. Such nice pictures. Made me feel like I was there :o)

  3. Hi Katie,
    You have a friend/poster by the name of Richard. He has made references to his blog, but I can't seem to visit it. Do you know a way I can do it?
    Thank you.

  4. I think his blog is



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