The Weeds Must Go...

Marie's weeds must go. This morning she hoed and pulled weeds for two hours. And then she did nothing for the rest of the day until this evening when it cooled off a bit she went back to work. I am glad she has a chair with her to rest a bit now and then. after all she is 85+ years old or young, which ever...


  1. People like her are so inspiring to me!

  2. Keeping a chair handy...I like that. *grins*

    Katie, are there any historical markers in your area.... just wondering.

    1. I can't think of any historical markings in the area, although probably in the future as the county of Sarasota is out to make the village of Pinecraft into a historical area. I do know the city of Sarasota has historical markings.

  3. I really hate pulling weeds, but its a necessary evil when you own property. She's doing pretty good Katie at 85 with taking care of her yard. Richard


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