Pioneer Bus Ride to Ohio

Loading the bus, with intentions of heading up north as soon as all the passengers were on board. We left a little bit after 3:30 and headed up north with approximately 30 passengers and made a few more stops to pick up more along the way.

One of the passengers picked up further north was a 91 year old lady. Donny kept referring to her as a “Young Lady” which of course makes an old lady feel young. She wasn’t much more on the bus and settled in when I over-heard her saying to another passenger, “The reason I like riding on this bus is because there is no cussing.” I chewed on that one for a while, giving me an appreciation for my cultural upbringing, where there seldom is heard a cuss word.
 Looks like a coffee truck. I am assuming it is liquid coffee he is transporting to a Pilot Truck Stop.

 June 21st at Cracker Barrel in Lexington KY, after breakfast reloading the bus to continue our ride. The only reason I snapped this shot is to inform Menno I took his picture before I quickly got back on the bus again.
 Almost ready to cross the River. According to Donny we will meet Jacob on the other side of the River. Jacob is not with Esau as he verified that much on the cell phone. 
 Crossing the River to meet up with Jacob.

You’d think since Jacob crossed the River before Donny, he would be giving Donny instructions. But according to this photo Donny is giving an account of our travels, after splitting the passengers and their luggage with Jacob. At this point there was an oversight which went unnoticed until we were in Columbus Ohio when Donny got a phone call that gave all of us reason to cuss, but nobody did.

This 91 year old lady that likes riding the Pioneer Trails because nobody cusses was still on our bus blissfully unaware that she was supposed to be on Jacob’s bus. Her luggage got transferred but she didn’t. After the drivers Donny and Marvin talked, the driver which was Marvin at the time did what had to be done, he headed west to meet the lady’s driver who was heading east. Somewhere off the beaten path we met her driver and she was transferred without her knowing or having a clue she was on the wrong bus. She just rejoices at how well she does on this trip. She is truly a remarkable 91 year old lady.


  1. Love it!!!!!!!! How long does the trip take, Katie? And where do they let you off in Ohio?

    1. If everything runs on schedule and there are no delays the trip takes 20 hours, give or take a couple of minutes.

  2. Aw, bless her heart - life is good when you're allowed to be oblivious to your mistakes.

  3. On the Pilot truck there's a red safety placard with the number 1203. That indicates the truck is carrying a hazardous, flammable liquid. The tiny 3 at the bottom indicates it's gasoline. I used to live near train tracks and got a directory of the code numbers so I could tell what was in the tanker cars. But I loved your guess of coffee!

  4. I have taken Amtrak but never a bus, although I've heard horror about the buses from a few. Amtrak was truly a nightmare for me and would never ride on it again, unless they paid me and they would have to shell out a lot of dough! Richard


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