Behind the Fence

Behind the chain link fence there are old church pews,

 A beautiful old chair,
And a tipsy bench.


  1. Hi Katie! I would love for you to come and speak about yourself, and life in Pinecraft, at a women's luncheon I am planning for my college club here in Sarasota. We would be honored if you would be our guest and tell us your story. The luncheon would be in Pinecraft either in February or April, whichever is more convenient for you. I am a big fan -- love your postcards and this blog! I have sent you a message on facebook, and hope you will contact me soon. I hope you will say yes! Sincerely, Allison


The Cycle of Nature

There is still nature around even though more people are coming in.  Laura Miller Beiler has numerous bird feeders out.  I watch...