Morning Bike Rides

 Yesterday and today I took a morning bike ride. With the rainy season still here I have to take bike rides when it is fit. The last while it rained in the late afternoon or evening, so the evening bike rides can get a bit iffy. Yesterday morning I watched this big flock of birds getting their meal. This morning only a few birds were here, digging deep for the last of the goodies.
A dozen of these birds were the Rosetta Spoonbills. Overhead about 2-3 dozen parrots came landing in on a tree, being as loud and noisy as their reputation.  
This morning at the end of my street met this squirrel with a brand new shiny pinecone. I sort of think she cut off the pinecone as there is no reason a healthy looking green pinecone should drop on its own. Anyway she wasn't about to give up her prized cone when I came biking up,  so she bit into it firmly and managed to get it across the street out of my reach.


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