The Pinecraft Pickers

 During the winter months The Pinecraft Pickers play Blue Grass almost every Saturday evening at Ed Detweiler's place on Gardenia St. This songfest has been going for many years, long before I arrived in Florida. Ed's mother Ada Detweiler had offered her garage to the Pickers. After she passed away Ed decided to continue with that offer. 

 Ed visiting

 Indiana Ladies 

 David Swartzentruber
His brother Lee who also sings isn't here yet. A bit of genealogy, Nix, Freckles and Grandpa were uncles to Lee & Dave. Nix, Freckles and Grandpa were old men when I was young in my teens.

 John Miller
 John's father had his roots in Holmes County Ohio. He was Bill Joe's William from the Mt Hope area. Three of William's brothers were Bill Joe's Sollie, Josie & Monroe. 

 Gary Miller
 I think his father's roots were from Charm Ohio.

  John Henry
 Tonight was the first time I remember seeing him.


David Weaver

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