Children in Pinecraft

 The Christmas Holidays always brings families with their children. So I take this opportunity to focus on the children. These are Sam Yoders' grandchildren. Two of their children are married. One has three sons and the other one has three daughters.

 Jason, age four and his younger sister. I didn't quite catch her name but she is three. They wouldn't tell me what their Daddy's name is. I suspect for these two their daddy's name is "Daddy" and nothing more. They are ready to go to the beach.

 Siblings from Kentucky.

 Daddy with his children sitting in Lapp's Bike Shop.

 Father and son from Indiana. I think his name is Myron Bontrager. 

 Anna Mary and at least five of their grandchildren, two from North Carolina and the rest from Pennsylvania.

And the two on the front seat with Anna Mary.


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