Benefit Dinner at the Park

 Tonight's Benefit Dinner was for Gator Camp. The crowd was huge and the people stayed around as the weather was warm and the music was good, very good.

 Staying with Mama

 Sitting on the fence

 The Backside of the backside

 Titus Yutzy cleaning up their twins.

 A group of people with the birds.

 Wilma Yutzy Wagler

Rachel Wagler Yutzy 

When the music ended after dark, the Pinecraft Exodus went into gear. This mass Exodus should have been video taped but it was too dark. Most everybody went one way and that was out of the park. They were on foot, on bikes, on motor scooters. Finally toward the last the vehicles came and then more on foot. And then to top the evening off a younger old man tried to do a wheelie on his three-wheeled bike but the bike did a flip and landed on him. He got up laughing, brushed himself off and left the park.  


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