Crafty Yard Sales

My neighbor lady Arlene buys gourds and makes crafts. This winter she brought a number of her smaller gourds to sell at her Yard Sale, which was today.

 These are bird houses. 

 The ones on the left are lamps with a light bulb. 

These sound like "Thunder" when you shake their tail. 

Then I came upon another crafty Yard Sale
This one was on Yoder Street.

 Pinecraft Express airplane

 A Lancaster Amish or Old Order Mennonite buggy.

 A crate of oranges

 A pile of skids

 A truck load of apples.

 A pile of Pot Holders the wife made.

And another truck, plus many more things of fine details.


  1. Will the sale be today too? Would love to have a bird house!

    1. I don't know if she has a Yard Sale today, but she sells out of their home. So you just need to show up at their door...


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