Packing the Luggage

Yesterday was not the best day to make a quick exit out of Pinecraft for the passengers going north. There was too much luggage per passenger. People who wanted to send cargo along were denied because after all when the compartments are filled to the fullest, they are full.

Maybe four or five of these empty containers went back north. Tuesday they came down loaded.

Noah Chupp doing his driver's work. 

Plastic containers being packed.

Some weeks ago a couple of families brought their own bikes down. Yesterday was the day to return home and so the bikes found their nesting place.

Plastic containers, bikes and suitcases.

Sam giving everything an extra shove in order to fit in.

But it wouldn't close nor latch.

Now what?


Still wouldn't close.

  More repacking until finally all the compartments latched and were locked. And they were on their way north. It was hot, sweaty work but satisfying. 


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