The Blessings of Rain

 This afternoon after four inches of rain, I went for a bike ride to the park. I wanted to see how the Phillippi Creek looks. This is at the boat dock.

 Big patches of water plants flow with the current. Either they will get stuck on the banks or else flow all the way to the gulf.

 The basket ball on ts way to the gulf.

 Soaking wet and ready for grass.

 This afternoon while I was out it started raining again, so I headed for shelter. Tonight I took anther ride around the park. It was clearing off. Everything smells fresh and is green and no pollen in the air.

 A mini waterfalls from Saralakes Trailer Court pouring into the creek.

 The sunset's reflection on the water.

This is the direction the wind is blowing: NW, 19 miles per hour. Temperature is 70 degree. 


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