Closing Doors at the Pinecraft Post Office

 The Pinecraft Post Office has closed its doors late this afternoon. 

Abraham and Wilma Knepp had owned the post office and signed the contract to run it. some years ago they moved back to Indiana due to old age and health reasons. They hired the Joe Graber family to manage and run the post office. Two weeks ago both Abraham and Wilma died twelve hours apart. And with their passing on the contract in invalid and the post office is closed.
 This sucks. I would mail any size packages and sought opportunities to drop in for a chat with Magdalena Graber and Catherine Wagler. 

People from far and wide used this post office just because they wanted to. Just because they liked the homey feeling of doing business with postal workers.  


  1. Oh no.... now I have to go to the Beneva post office which is TERRIBLE!

  2. This is so sad!!!! Pinecraft will not be the same without it!!

  3. Any word yet if we might see a "re-opening"??

    nancy kopf

  4. I have stayed at Pinecraft tow times while visiting my son..we were there in June..I'm sorry to hear about this closing...they are really putting the squeeze on the Amish.. I have also used Pioneer Trails a lot. I'm not Amish...I do Love the Lord...

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