Freda's Restaurant

Ever since I heard Freda's Restaurant I have been wanting to check it out, so today Nancy and I went for it.  

It is out in the country, close to Myakka City. So it is a bit of distance from the city of Sarasota, but it is well worthwhile making the drive, more so if your eyes are just hungering for a ride in the country. 

 And it has a country feel to it. 

Freda's grandfather Levi Yoder formerly from Pinecraft made this screen door that is hanging on the wall. 

 Good, fresh coffee

 Nancy and I decided to split a sandwich as it was so huge. There is no way the biggest mouth can get around this one.

 My half of the sandwich, bread, juicy burger, swiss cheese, dill pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and bread. Plus a good helping of French fries. 

 For dessert we got Coconut Pudding. It has a crust, then a layer of cream cheese, pudding made from scratch, topping and more coconut. I am not much for sweets but loved this as it wasn't overly sweet.

We also got a free sample of their Carrot Cake. 

They just started up less than a month. I can't find their Facebook Page or a website. It will probably come later, especially the website.  


  1. looks wonderful have to try it in July when we are down thanks for sharing this Katie!

  2. Here's the link to her FB page


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