Evening Photos

 The little guy is ready for a ride, after a stop at Big Olaf.

Street Meeting
On the left are the Millers: Viola and two daughters, Hopeless and Yoma. 
Right: Irene and David Swartzentruber


  1. Katie I have a question for you, My mom and I recently moved to Sarasota from Vermont. My family has always been musical and my grandfather started the Northeast Fiddlers Association. Every weekend or monthly the fiddlers would get together and play, etc. My mother used to accompany them and since we moved here, we haven't been able to find any fiddlers or music, Do the Amish have these get togethers? and if they did can anyone attend? Or if you know of any in the area I would appreciate knowing, thank you so much and I Love your Blog, Sincerely, Erika


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