I love "Street Photography" but there is not many people around, so I turn to nature which is every bit as beautiful. 

The wild Trumpet Vines are in bloom. 

This squirrel is not so much watching me as seeing another squirrel climb into my bike basket and helping himself to a peanut.

I finally got a photo of the elusive Brown Thrasher. Lately the pair has been more quiet and doesn't sing anymore. But tonight for the first time I saw where they have their nest. I actually was a bit too close for comfort so they both left the nesting area and tried to distract my attention.  

Usually I throw one peanut at a time to various squirrels, but tonight I set my container on the ground. The first squirrel to come around tipped the coffee can and after that they helped themselves. 


  1. May 18 is my sister and my brothers birthday. We lived in Pinecraft as kids around 55 or 56 years ago. I sure am going to visit Pinecraft again soon.

  2. Did you get a photo of the squirrel climbing into your basket? Or maybe a selfie of you and the squirrel on your bike?


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