Pioneer Bus Loading

Sam Hostetler and Marvin Mast, a bus driver are waiting for the passengers to arrive and get the luggage stowed away.

The first ones start coming.

And then they came by leaps and bounds. 

John and Mattie Miller headed north after spending the winter down here.

The bus was going to be loaded going north.

Barbara (Raber) and her husband Ray Troyer and their family spent two weeks of vacation in Sarasota. Today it was time to start home again. Barbara and I are second cousins. We share the same great-grandfather which was Honsamony.  

Thick angry clouds started rolling in from the west and so everyone scrambled to get loaded and seated before the rains came. 

I headed for home and made it with a few minutes to spare before the clouds opened up. The downpour didn't last long but came with high winds and pouring rain. 


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