Olan John's Memorial Services

Olan's mode of transportation.

Olan, not feeling well. 
This one was taken a year ago over Memorial Day weekend. Chet and Anna Mary brought a good nourishing meal to the park, for whoever happened to be around.  

These are all pictures of Olan taken within the last two years or so. 

Olan passed away of cancer the beginning of May 2017. Tonight there was a Memorial Service at the Pinecraft park in memory of Olan. I never knew how many friends he had and how deeply they cared for him. 

Tonight about 25 people or so attended the Memorial Services. In the back are Leroy Slabaugh, Paul and Duane, plus Ken & Luella out of sight. Wayne, alice and Dan furnished food. 

Dan Byler took the lead and whoever wanted to share did so. Anna Mary is sharing. Chet her husband stayed with Olan, caring for him at the park when Olan was too sick and weak to go home.
Dan deeply cared for him and Olan appreicated Dan's... Well, these kind of friendships bless both ways. 
Olan will never know who many people he touched in his honest, humble way.     

Noah Raber shares.

Ruth Weisberg, Dave Stauffer, Ron, Katie Beiler and her daughter Barbara with husband & Anna Mary. Back side is Greg, Diane and Elmer Nolt.

Carl & Gert McClure, Louis, Jean Bender and a few more. 

I have never before been to an informal Memorial service or funeral. Maybe there is no such thing as an informal funeral. 


  1. What a heartfelt and diverse gathering of folks sharing their personal and poignant stories about Olan. May we all continue this legacy and life lesson on emanating kindness and treating others with respect and dignity. To recap what Katie said, yes Olan, we do care about you.


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