Vacation is Over

Ten days ago the Melard Coach from Lancaster Pennsylvania arrived in Pinecraft with a full bus of vacationers. Today they loaded up and are on their way home.

These girls each bought ice cream at Big Olaf before boarding the bus.

But the rule is "No ice cream on the bus." This reminds me of years ago when Mel Kurtz was a taxi driver in the Apple Creek/Orrville Ohio area. One day Mart Lisbet had Mel Kurtz take her and some grandchildren to go some place. On the way home she asked Mel Kurtz to stop at Fred's Cheese, where she took all the grandchildren with her into the shop and bought them each an ice cream cone. When they got back into Mel's station wagon he got upset as he didn't want ice cream cones in his vehicle, but what could he do? Anyway he gunned the motor and every ice cream cone hit the roof of his vehicle.

Only five people were present to bid them "Good-bye".


The gathering of cousins. At least the two on the left are Mast Cousins. And these cousins are cousins to my brother-in-law.