Daily Chores on the Farm

 I am blessed and privileged that I was more than welcome to spend an evening with this family during their chore time and a wiener roast afterwards. Thank you to this family and the link that made this time possible.

 The first of the twenty-five cows to come in for their milking.

 The little children watching from a safe distance.

 Utter cleaning. Sometimes they were a bit camera shy, but he couldn't get away without shrinking his utter cleaning.

 Putting the milkers on the cow. I think they were using only two milkers.

 The Mr cleaning up while the cows were being milked.

 Pouring the milk into the bucket to carry it to the cooler.

 Getting ready to feed the calves.

 The smallest calf was bottle fed.

 The farm dog got his portion too.

 Licking your nose is just a cow thing.

 The twins observing the chickens...

 And stroking the rabbits.

The chores are done for another day. Now comes the wiener roast and the fellowship. I took many more pictures and am making a photo book for the family.

This time at the farm was one of the highlights of my trip to Ohio. I was in Ohio for only a week and this was one of my over-all best trips.


  1. The picture of the children petting the rabbits is really special. All the photos are wonderful.

  2. What a wonderful pictures, thanks again for sharing!

    Greetings from Holland, Carolien

  3. Love your photos! I noticed that the twin girl is not wearing a cap but the other girls are. Is there a certain age or are the two girls in different families?

    1. Wearing a cap varies in families. These twins are only two years old. Ithink when the little girls know how to keep a cap on their heads, they wear it on a regular basis. When I was growing up we had caps made from scrap material with a strap under our chins and pinned together. There was no way we could get our caps off before we were school age.

  4. These pictures and article goes very well with the article I posted about American children. This kind of an upbringing (outside of the spirtual fallacy) can not be beat.

    1. El, I realized anew just how few children grow up on a farm and the blessings those children have by giving chores as they can handle them and staying with it through thick and thin... You know what I mean for you were a farm girl.

  5. Oh my, I'd be over-the-moon after such an interesting visit! Your pictures are absolute treasures. I keep coming back to look again. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Brings back memories of spending weeks in the summer with friends in Amish country. I could somewhat handle those milkers, but never did master the art of milking by hand! My job was usually bottle feeding the calves or feeding hay or cleaning up. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!



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