Mini Pinecraft Gathering

 Last evening I there was a mini Pinecraft gathering at Martha Hostetler's place, across the street from my place. Years ago in their Rumspringa years these two, Glen Mullet and Martha Hostetler used to play their musical instruments together. Both of them laid their musical gift aside when they became members of the Amish church.

Years later they are again making music together because they both belong to churches that allow musical instruments. Both of them are singing to the Glory of God.

More people were invited and I snapped this and cropped it; Homer Lambright and Thomas Peachey. Both of these men have an ear for music. Homer yodels and Thomas sings.

I like this. I feel for Roman for he looks up to Marvin even when Marvin looks down to Roman. Years ago I rendered an Indiana Amish Bishop speechless when he told me everybody bows down to me. I shot back, "No! I look up to everybody!" He had nothing more to say.


  1. I dearly love hearing an accordian being played. I'm glad the couple can enjoy their music without feeling guilty about it.
    Wouldn't be a perfect world if all the rules were Biblical instead of peoples' opinions.

  2. A nice moment that you captured here Katie, and right about now I'm very sure you folks In Pinecraft are staying indoors from the heat as much as possible. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa



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