Random Shots

Whatever... Glen talks with his hands, which adds to the conversation.

Fishing without success, at least for this time. Although earlier she caught a good sized Catfish.

David Borntrager reaches for something he can't reach. I know just how it is...


  1. Great photos. I've heard people who talk with their hands are more articulant than those who don't. ;))

  2. Thanks for the pic of the Mulletts. I worked with Glen back in the 70s at Fairmont Homes in Nappanee,Indiana. I also bought pies from his wife.

  3. Nothing wrong with talking with your hands as I know a few Italians who love to do that, So nice images Katie and our heat up in Pennsylvania has begun to break starting today. A very big welcome change and I didn't think 15 or so degrees could make the difference it has made, but it has and I welcome it with open arms. Maybe I should have said "open hands" since I myself have been known to talk with my hands like that Amish fellow in the top image. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa

  4. lol! Maybe you need a cart like that as a ladder?? This made me giggle! Thanks of sharing.

    Katie, when did you leave Aylmer Ontario? I saw your FB picture and I feel like I met or saw you, many years ago. Did you work a stand at the Aylmer market, or possibly at Pathway Publishers?

    1. "...thanks *for* sharing..." Sometimes the fingers get away on me!

  5. Thought id stop in to see how you were doing Katie, and its hot again here in the Lancaster area and the corn is getting really tall now.Richard



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