Mr Gecko's New Coat

 This morning I looked out my window and saw Mr Gecko in distress. I grabbed my camera and shot through the window pane, because there was no way in the world I would open my door for better pictures for I knew I wouldn't get any pictures at all. 

 Instead I left him alone, so he can do what he needs to do. I watched as he pulled off this layer of whatever. I think God sent a tiny wind to help him and bit by bit this membrane loosened and he pulled on it sort of rolled it up and stuck it in his mouth, as you can see. He swallowed and nearly choked. I saw his lungs and stomach area push air while his mouth hung wide open, gasping for air.  Finally it was down and he could breathe normal again.

 And then he rolled up another wad up over his head and ate it.

Finally he had everything off and devoured  except a little bit on his hind leg. Then the phone rang and when I came back to the window he was gone.


  1. Wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time. That should be in a science book - I didn't even know anything but snakes did that. Bravo!

    1. Watching Gecko yesterday made me wonder if all reptiles shed their skin, especially alligators?

  2. This is cool!! I had no idea that geckos shed their skin!


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