The Arrival of the First Snow Birds

 First of all I apologize for watermarking my pictures, but last night I received a phone call informing me that my pictures are being taken without permission and posted elsewhere. I don't know who all is doing it, but if you take them from henceforth my name will be on the picture and the whole world will know they have been stolen. If you ask for them, I will take the watermark off  and email them to you, especially so if the picture you want is family. I hope you all understand and if you don't understand, then ask for wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

Today was my kind of day for I was back into doing what I love best about Pinecraft. The Pioneer Bus came in and I took some pictures.

 Robert and Nora waiting for the bus to come in which was due in at 12:15 but it came a little bit earlier.

 The Drivers: Dave Stoltzfus and Donny Wagler.

 The first of the Snow Birds that are here to stay came in...

 Henry & Sarah Detweiler from Indiana.

 And every passenger on the bus brought down luggage.
 Mabel, Dave Stoltzfus' wife came along down but she had stayed on the bus until she saw Sherry Gore in the crowd and so she exited the bus...

 to meet and greet Sherry. Sherry had stayed in their home when she was up in Ohio for her book signing.

 Yup Marie (Marie Beachy) returned after being gone gone for a month or so. 

 Marie is a friend to everybody.

I got better shots of Donny but I like this one the best. I was actually aiming for his shirt tail but he turned and bend over before the camera was focused, so...

Henry Detweiler made Sherry Gore a small quilt frame and brought it along down on the bus.


  1. Really hate there is such disregard and disrespect towards your pictures, especially since the water mark distracts a little bit. Not too bad, tho. Love seeing Pinecraft-Sarasota in my inbox cuz it's like getting a gift...don't know what's in it till you open it. And I always like the gift! Specially like when your pictures 'tell a story', like the above ones. By the way, who's the first couple exiting the bus?

    1. That couple is Henry and Sarah Detweiler from Indiana. I think Shipshewana area.

  2. It's sad that a watermark is necessary, but you are wise to use it to protect your property. The pictures are so good the mark doesn't distract much at all. Have a great day!

  3. Snowbirds already? Wow! I'm sad to hear that people are using your pictures without copyright permission. It is common courtesy and sense that seems to be lacking with whomever is using the photos.

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