Arson at the Amish Church

The Fire Marshall has determined the explosion and fire a week ago at the Amish Church started from arson. 

 While waiting for the Pioneer Trails Bus to come in, I visited with John Henry on the left. He said he is waiting on a coffin that the bus is bringing down to replace one of the three coffins that has to be trashed due to the fire and explosion. Their way of determining which coffins  need to be trashed was to ask themselves whether they would want to bury their wife in a damaged one? I think that was the wisest deciding factor of which ones to trash.

 Later in the day I biked to the church house just to take a look. It blows my mind wondering why someone would deliberately destroy property that is not their own, especially a church building. This shot is the dumpster with plastic stacking chairs on top.

 I am assuming this building is where the coffins were stored in.
 The broom with a melted handle.

Two more similar incidents have happened recently, so we are warned to keep our eyes open for suspicious looking whoever.


  1. It's beyond my comprehension that anyone, no matter how depraved or whatever else the reason, could do that. How sad.

  2. I just can never fathom what would make someone do that.

  3. I am sad to hear it was arson. I don't understand why people do things like that. I wish there was something I could do to help. :(

  4. Some of that still looks useable. Don't know why anyone would do this, especially to a Church. I guess nobody is exempt from this kind of thing. Just have to keep watch at all times.

  5. This is just so wrong. And unnecessary. Is there a way we can help?

    1. I don't know but probably not much we can do as far as help.


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