Christmas in Pinecraft

 Tobie Yoder reading the bus schedules. Today six Pioneer Trails buses came in. I think four CrossRoads from Indiana also came in, plus according to rumor one or two or three buses from Illinois and elsewhere. But Pinecraft isn't full yet, and there are more buses coming in Tuesday and Wednesday. This tally is just the people coming in with the buses. 
 The first Pioneer bus to arrive.

 Nobody wasted time in getting off the bus and getting to their luggage, as the next bus was due to come in shortly.

 This is a CrossRoad bus.

 Dave Frey picked up his sister and her family.

 Butch & Sarah Chupp from Indiana.
 And the last Pioneer bus arrived.

 Got off the bus,
Went to their rental.
Took off winter shoes.
Put on flip-flops,
And took to the streets. 


  1. Hey I'm down here for the winter. Have you spotted me biking around yet? =)



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