Photo Shots from Today

 Heidi Wengerd and her baby brother. 

 These two photos go together.
 They all came walking up Fry Street, with Perry on the bike in the lead. Even so I didn't get all of the group. It is impossible to get half of Pinecraft in one photo shot. 

 Jensen on my old bike. The bike I had for eighteen years. Four-five years this bike was auctioned off and Nelson Beachy from Plain City Ohio bought it. I am glad it is still in the neighborhood and used by children.
 We use the saying, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" but it is not always so. Here are three different birds that have flocked together.

 The rest of these pictures are taken on the corner of Bahia Vista and Kaufman. I probably sat here for an hour or so watching the traffic.

 Push the button and the light changes from red to green.

 Just returned from grocery shopping. It is amazing how much a person can carry on a three-wheeled bike providing you pack it in the basket and under the seat and hang a bag on the handlebars.

 Then this man is crossing Bahia Vista with one quart of fresh strawberries.

 I love this,
Two is better than one.
Older is better than young.

Cleaning up and planting flowers at Vera's.
Left to right: Sarah, Abigail, Lois Groff, Steve Bontrager and Vera Overholt.


  1. Good morning Kathie .

    Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015.

  2. I also loved the photo of the couple sharing the motor scooter. Merry Christmas, Katie.



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