The Day Before Christmas

 The training wheels needs to be straightened up a bit.

 Hanging on the shuffleboard fence.

 Jake Lapp with a grand daughter.

 I love seeing all the children with their parents/grandparents this time of the year.

 These next two shots tell the story of Fannie & Adin doing their laundry.

 Gianna Wagler with her daddy Richard.

 Louis & Mary's family members returning from Dollar Tree.

 Two Pioneer buses came in today.

 A group of girls waiting for their ride. 

 When golf carts meet to visit the passengers have to wait...

 Old and young play checkers.

Nathan & Janet's hired girl from Maine came in via the Melard van from Lancaster County. They made their first run today.

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  1. The first photo of Fannie and Adin looks like they have a tiny Amish woman in their laundry basket! :-)



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