Repairing the Bridge

 The Bridge needed repairs.

 These three men took the lead.

 And soon more men dug in and the work continued.

 You would think Larry had the easiest job but he had to watch for sign language that was used throughout the day.

Larry had to watch for every man's finger. I am not sure what finger up meant the men did. 

 Most of the working men were from Arthur Illinois except Mel Schlabach is from Kokomo Indiana.

Women watched the process and visited.

We were served a Pizza lunch at Chet and Anna Mary's place. 

 This morning the bridge was opened again and I had the privilege to be the first person to ride over the bridge. 

 Larry Yoder follows. 

Watching and following every movement of repairing the bridge with my camera made me realize how much I appreciate my heritage, my culture. Every culture has its strength and its weakness. We have no say-so of which culture we will be born in. I am speaking for myself, as a child the Amish culture was just a part of my life. Later I felt trapped in it but thankfully I could leave and I did without being cut off from my people. Then this past Saturday while watching the activities of repairing the bridge I realized what a rich heritage I have. I treasure it, for it will always be a part of me. Just a thought, maybe more bridges should be repaired.    


  1. Bridges repaired and a few more built! Thanks, Katie!

  2. Interesting thought... I enjoy your blog so much.

  3. Planning on visiting Pinecraft on Wednesday after Christmas. Would like to eat lunch at Yoders and visit a few Amish shops. Any suggestions on the best place to park (we will have two vehicles) and which stores I definitely want to visit.

    1. We don't have these little Amish Tourist shops other that the gift shops at Yoder's and Der Dutchman's. Both of these places have their own parking.

  4. Thanks for the interesting blog, my in-laws live very near Pinecraft and I've always found it a really neat community. Great to learn more about it. I wonder if I saw you at the post office today - I was inside with my daughter who was wearing a pink bike helmet. If it was you, she really liked your bike and noticed it when you rode up, she was looking out the door.

    1. Yes, I remember that cute little girl and her beautiful mother. I almost asked for a picture of your daughter.


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